66 Main, Burnham, ME 04922 - $42,500

  • 66 Main, Burnham, ME 04922 (MLS 1401098) #1
  • 66 Main, Burnham, ME 04922 (MLS 1401098) #2
  • 66 Main, Burnham, ME 04922 (MLS 1401098) #3
  • 66 Main, Burnham, ME 04922 (MLS 1401098) #4
Agent made reasonable efforts to solicit from seller info related to property'swater supply, heating, waste disposal and known hazardous materials. Seller isexempt from providing seller disclosures. Except as follows, the agent does nothave additional material info related to the property's water supply, heating,waste disposal and/or known hazardous materials: Per water district, water andwaste is private. This disclosure is based on info reasonably available to theagent and is the buyer's responsibility to verify all property info and inspectproperty. Seller is not making any representations regarding current orpreviously existing known hazardous materials on property. Prospective buyersare encouraged to seek info from professionals regarding any specific hazardous material issue or concern.
Price: $42,500
Year Built: 1999
Square Footage: 3562.00
Lot Size: 1.00
MLS: 1401098
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 1
Water Frontage: No
Taxes: $2,467.00
Sewer: Septic existing on site
Water: Other
Agency: Owners.com

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