Smyrna, ME 04780 - $59,900

  • Smyrna, ME 04780 (MLS 864051) #1
  • Smyrna, ME 04780 (MLS 864051) #2
  • Smyrna, ME 04780 (MLS 864051) #3
  • Smyrna, ME 04780 (MLS 864051) #4
Own A Northern Maine Wood Lot! 80 Acres Of Mixed Woods That Only Increases In Value! Plop A Cabin Or Travel Trailer...Or, Heck, A Tent In The Middle & Spend Some Time With Yourself! Who Cares About Oil Price Increases...You Have A Wood Lot To Keep You Warm! More Land From Same Property Owner If You Want To Pump Up The Acreage Volume! Manage The Woods, Enjoy Income From The Harvests on This Maine Land In Northern Maine / Aroostook County! Join Forces With Friends To Buy Jointly To Enjoy Four Seasons. Hurry! Low Cost Maine Land, Need Some Near Recreational Trails, All Kinds Of Lakes? Invest, Use It, Watch Trees Increase In Value. Wildlife Infested. More Aniamsl Than People... That's Aroostook County.
Price: $59,900
Year Built:
Square Footage:
Lot Size: 80.00
MLS: 864051
Water Frontage: No
Taxes: $635.00
Agency: Mooers Realty

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